Configure Multiple Currencies in Deskera Accounting

Deskera Accounting Mar 04, 2010

Does your business transcend in multiple geographies having different currencies? Keeping track of the latest exchange rates and maintaining corresponding accounting records can be a nightmare. Deskera Accounting makes your job simple through ‘Multiple Currencies’ functionality with just a few clicks.

With Deskera Accounting, you can configure multiple currencies for all your vendors and customers easily. No need to download any software or check online currency converter. Deskera Accounting does it all for you with a single click.

Let’s take a quick tour

Configure currency preferences for each of your vendor and customer. Configure default currency in which your company records needs to be maintained.

Configure Currency for customers and vendors

Generate sales or purchasing transaction receipts according to the saved currency preferences for your customers or vendors.

Currency Settings are auto-generated for the selected=

Easily download and apply latest currency exchange rates. New transactions are automatically updated with the latest currency exchange rate.

Maintain Currency Exchange Records

Maintain previous records of exchange rates for each currency.

View history of exchange rates for each currency

Check out the video on Multiple Currencies on our post – “Manage your business across countries with Deskera ERP’s Currency Exchange”.

Have a great time with Deskera!

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