‘Conditional Color Coding’ in Deskera CRM for better spreadsheet visibility

Conditional Formatting Feb 25, 2010

‘Conditional Color Coding’ in Deskera CRM allows you to change text color and background color of data based on user-defined conditions which enables you to easily differentiate between different campaigns, leads and more through intuitive color coding.

Conditional Formatting in Deskera CRM

‘Conditional Color Coding’ helps to answer various questions by making it easy to highlight interesting cells or range of cells, emphasize unusual values, and prioritize work by using different color schemes. A conditional base format changes the appearance of a cell range based on user-defined condition. It also allows you to set multiple rules for the selected cell, row or column.

How to Apply Rules?

To apply rule on the selected cell, row or column you just have to click on ‘Conditional Color Coding’. A new window will appear where you select and specify your desired condition(s), select text color and background color. Done!

Click here to view Deskera CRM Demo.

Check out our latest video on CRM’s Conditional Color Coding functionality.

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