Cloud ERP software for Auto Manufacturers

Feb 02, 2018

The automotive industry has multiple processes like procurement, assembly, testing, delivery, and so on. All of these processes are unique to manufacturing companies. Therefore, they need a solution that can help these companies streamline their processes and help rethink these organisational processes as a stand alone system. Enterprise Resource Planning frameworks can clearly help accomplish these objectives.

Need for ERP in Automotive Industry

With robust ERP solutions the difficulties in overcoming unavoidable industrial challenges like labor efficiency, marketing, inventory and delivery management, vendor and high quality customer service are completely nullified. Some of the basic features that an ERP dedicated to the automotive industry must have are:

  1. Complete Traceability: Auto manufacturers must be able to track each component within their products so that they can identify the problems quickly and thus take improved decisions. The ERP system must be able to accurately track the entire flow – from manufacturing process to the distribution chain.Deskera has a dedicated ERP software for the manufacturing industry called Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP). It helps track the entire chain of events right from from production planning and process scheduling, to quality, compliance and inventory control. Additionally, it helps you manufacture finished products from raw materials and deliver sales orders on time with optimal cost effectiveness on a real time basis.
  2. Quality Management: The ERP system must be able to streamline the entire production process so that the final products are more likely to meet quality requirements before reaching the external market. Deskera ERP supports stringent quality compliance parameters to maintain high product quality. The software enforces quality control throughout the manufacturing process to prevent manufacturing of defective products and to ensure compliance with customer demands and regulatory requirements.
  3. Managing Labor Resources: It is critical to manage efficient and effective deployment of an organization’s resources to accelerate productivity and success. Deskera MRP helps reduce labor cost by improving process flow, update labor skills, define resource cost, and resolve resource conflict. Deskera MRP Labor Master module manages complete labor information such as skills, shift timings, task assigned and more.
  4. Efficient planning and scheduling: An efficient ERP system will help plan and schedule the production of all your manufacturing items. It can manage work orders, assign job tasks, track task progress and resolve resource conflicts. With Deskera you can develop a production schedule for the manufacturing of products. Additionally, the software allows you to prepare a short-range plan of estimated work that is expected to be completed within a stipulated time period.
  5. Electronic Document Management: Today, manufacturers strive to achieve the greatest possible productivity. Thus electronic document management is a must have feature in an ERP system to support paperless environment. This saves employees’ time, enhances the overall operations, and reduces chances of human error. With Deskera MRP you can produce and attach electronic files in any format — JPG, Word, Excel, PDF, or any other format — to sales orders, item masters, purchase orders, or accounting transaction files.

A 2008 published study by CIO Magazine revealed that over 85 percent of its respondents strongly agreed that ERP frameworks formed interim part of their organisation operations and that they “couldn’t survive without them.” Today, about 10 years after the fact, this study result still remains the same. We live in a world where seamless integration with technology has the power to provide a competitive advantage to almost any kind of organization from any type of industry including automotive.

Deskera ERP is designed to reduce incompetence and boost your organisational productivity. Our ERP software for automotive industry is easy to learn, scalable and requires low maintenance.

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