How cloud ERP is helping SMBs in their growth trajectory

Nov 30, 2017

Today the Cloud ERP software business has created its own niche in the market. According to Gartner the enterprise application spending in India (which includes spending on ERP) will grow from $2.04 billion in 2016 to $2.39 billion in 2017, an increase of about 17%.

The positive ecosystem of start-up and enterprises has led to a significant growth in the small and mid market segment across industry verticals like manufacturing, retail, e-commerce and more. This growth coupled with global competitiveness and quest for enhancing market share has led enterprises to change the way they have been doing businesses. Enterprises now want to adopt process enablers and solutions to make their business more efficient and effective.

The SMBs in India are now understanding the role of technology in their growth. This is one reason why SMBs are now exploring various platforms to help streamline their operations.

The implementation of cloud ERP system helps enterprises:

  1. Improve their business metrics by process optimization
  2. Improve the entire supply chain process
  3. Increase their flexibility
  4. Enhance scalability

Deskera gives SMEs an edge with its sophisticated cloud-based integrated ERP software suite

The applications that constitute the Deskera product are ERP, MRP, CRM, PM and HRM systems that are fully integrated and hence can talk to each other. In simple words, Deskera is a classic SaaS player that brings the SMBs to the cloud. Thus, by using its cloud-based integrated software suite – a customer can access all their data on their smartphone/tablet itself. All one needs is an internet connection and a web-browser. Today, digital economy needs innovative financial technology to expand and thrive with the growing global user base. Deskera brings that innovative solution to the world. For instance, if a manufacturing company has its financial data stored in any old financial system of any business software, he need not worry about integration of his accounts, as Deskera will integrate it with the new structure, which is GST compliant and hence help in the smooth shift. Deskera also helps SMBs in dealing with the complexity of the multi-layered tax regime. Additionally, its cloud technology helps streamline inventories at multiple business units/ warehouses, thus providing real-time Input Tax Credits, which are most critical for GSTR filing.

With Deskera’s cloud-based integrated suite you can:

  1. Seamlessly manage your purchase to sales process from quotations to goods receipt, invoicing, returns and payments.
  2. Optimize your supply chain by efficient management of vendor and product data while automating each transaction.
  3. Be audit ready with best in its class financial reporting features. Make quick decisions with in depth knowhow of your business.
  4. Stay up-to date with all your tax obligations as Deskera’s financial application facilitates hassle free recording of GST, TDS and more.

SMEs contribute more than 45% of the industrial output. It’s these SMEs that innovate and help create value for our communities through job opportunities. electronic device Deskera is doing its bit to move the nation towards Digital India. Today, more than 3,000 businesses, with approximately 80,000 users, manage their companies using Deskera products. Deskera has always been committed to provide world-class technology to SMBs so they can succeed by running more efficiently. It has been at the forefront of helping SMEs improve their businesses and contribute in transforming local enterprises into global-scale businesses.

The company has a pan-India presence and provides GST-ready software at affordable prices to SMEs.

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