Case Management using Deskera CRM

Case Management Apr 15, 2014

Though businesses have changed over time, the way of doing businesses has transformed completely one old adage still have stood the test of time – Customer is the king! And you cannot ignore it and move on. It becomes very essential, especially in today’s times of social media which has really empowered the customer to vent out his frustration with a faulty product / service to the entire world. A customer complaint can quickly go viral throughout the Internet and spoil the company’s image if not attended properly. Deskera CRM gives the company the ability to better serve the customers by managing their complaints, feedbacks through a unique module called Cases Management. Employees can quickly manage customer cases by tracking and managing them through regular updates. To use the Cases Management module in Deskera CRM by the following steps –

Adding a new case:

Step 1: Click on Add Record

Step 2: Fill up case details Step 3: Click on Submit to create a new case

Adding a new activity:

To track a particular customer case, users can add various activities with respect to it and assign statuses for each activity. This feature helps to track cases on an activity-by-activity basis which leads to better customer management.

Following are the steps: Step 1: Select a record for which activity is supposed to be added Step 2: Click on activities Step 3: Fill all details and click Submit to add new activity

Viewing Reports:

Users can see customer cases reports using various parameters to get a better view of customer complaints, feedbacks are handled by the employees.

Following are the steps: Step 1: Click on Reports Step 2: Select a particular report to view cases by –

  • Engg Status – View customer case report depending on the total time spent on each case
  • Status – View customer case report by corresponding status such as New, Pending, Escalated
  • Monthly – View customer case report on a month-on-month basis
  • Newly Added – View the most recent customer cases
  • Pending – View all the customer cases with a pending status


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