Calendar and Event Management

browser-based Sep 29, 2008

Tasks are undoubtedly the focal point in Project Management. However all projects still revolve around countless meetings, briefings and other events. Today, more often than not, people rely on individual calendars to manage their time, which differ by platform and features even. Although compatibility and integration capabilities are greatly improved, we still end up shuffling between multiple desktop/web-based/mobile calendars. Hence the inclusion of a powerful calendaring and scheduling engine in Deskera. Each project has its dedicated calendar(s), all events are shared among team members. No more sending countless invitation emails, waiting for RSVPs, etc. Let me show you how simple and effective it is to use Deskera’s calendar:

  • Creating New Calendars:

    • Multiple calendars can be created and project events can be classified by their nature for efficient organization.
    • Color coding of calendars helps you to identify the events at a glance when you overlay calendars.

    New Calendar

  • Creating New Events:

    • Details such as location of the event, priority and your status can also be specified along with the event date and time.
    • To create events, you can either drag or drop across time intervals or just click on the ‘New Event’ button.


  • Multiple Views:

    You can view your events across different time-intervals such as daily, by workweek/week and monthly as well.

    Month View:

    Month view

    Workweek view:

    workweek.jpg You can drag and drop events in the workweek view as well as shown above.

  • Agenda:

    • Your agenda displays a list of all your events lined up for the next two weeks.
    • The event priorities are also displayed, so you can allocate your time and attention accordingly.
    • Whenever new project events are created, team members are notified on the dashboard.
    • Project calendars help you organize all your events better in one single place while notifying all your team members of the same.


Deskera Betterbusiness

Deskera is a market leader in smart cloud-based business management solution, trusted by 80,000 users worldwide. With its big data backbone, Deskera offers a much required industry tool that is desig

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