Business Inventory Management Software - Good and Bad for SMEs

retail accounting Feb 18, 2020

Inventory Management Software Pros and Cons

Investing in paramount assets is often a vital business decision for SMEs. Among these is the management of goods through an inventory management software. An inventory management software helps you ease through the process of ordering and storing, and is extremely helpful for businesses to decide on the right size of inventory in order to avoid shortage nor overstock. 

The Pros

On top of automating and simplifying your entire business inventory management process, the right inventory system offers many other advantages to your business.  Here are some of them:

1. Time savings

Sans an intuitive inventory management software, most businesses monitor their inventory manually. This process may work for smaller businesses but once you have shifted to an inventory software, you will realize how much time you can save by transitioning from a manual ordering and storing process to an automated one.

2. Increased efficiency

Modern inventory management solutions allow you to accomplish multiple tasks at one go – data collection, inventory monitoring and calculations, among others. This in turn increases the efficiency level of your inventory process by several notches. 

3. Data access

Using an inventory management system enables you to access your inventory data regardless of your location or the device you’re working on. This means you can make informed inventory decisions on-the-go. 

4. Trends and insights

Keeping track of buyer patterns and seasonal changes in your inventory helps you forecast your raw material requirements more accurately. This allows you to maintain your stocks better and save costs due to over- and understocking.

5. Warehouse organization

Apart from purchasing, storage is equally important. An inventory management software gives you an overview of your stock movement so you can easily track them, a must when it comes to handling large quantities of inventory.

The Cons

While there are plenty of advantages, we also need to point out the drawbacks of investing in an inventory management software. The first one being cost – these type of software can be expensive, more so if your business requires more advanced features to suit your specific business needs.

The second point to consider is the complexity of the software, which means it requires training. This would require your employees to switch from an old system and adapt to the new one, changing built-up habits and working patterns; moving from the familiar and comfortable to the new and unknown.

Making the right choice

Is it wise to invest in an inventory management software? The answer to this depends on whether your business will be able to make good use of the system. Remember, investing in automated systems comes with upfront costs. Hence, it’s up to you to maximize its benefits and make the investment worthwhile for your business. Discuss the potential merits of modern inventory management solutions with Deskera’s affordable and easy-to-use software. Contact us at or try us for free today.

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