Business Intelligence for the next generation

Jun 15, 2009

The world of technology seems to be moving in a direction that is more integrated, responsive and real time than ever before.

Twitter – The best example for this shows how a very simple idea backed by strong collaboration concepts can be effective in generating a revolution.

Information is something that’s available in plenty these days. Everywhere you go, there is information just waiting for you. Websites, newspapers, Television, Mobile and much more.

The same scene is reflected in your enterprise as well. The sheer quantity of the reports, Cases and other information is enough to confuse any person or in cases where your Gems do manage to comprehend the data and use it, justify the hefty salaries as well

But the same can’t be expected from everyone in the enterprise. The age is such that there are bound to be more than one sources of information. And judging the accuracy of data, verifying the source and more leads to indecisiveness, which can be detrimental in critical situations.

But the question here is whether the confusion and indecisiveness in itself are necessary?

We say it isn’t… and so do probably another 40 odd BI companies. And it isn’t really.

If an overload of technology over the past years can make information available from all sources possible, then technology can also make the same information comprehendible.

Krawler BI 2.0 aims at just that and succeeds phenomenally. Never before would you have seen such simplicity in the interface matched perfectly with outstanding sophistication in the analytics part.

The way ahead as any Technological company worth its salt would have noticed by now is Integration, sophistication, collaboration and all of it delivered in the simplest manner possible.

Take any example in the new generation, Apple with its awesome iPhone allows for such an intuitive interface, but the technologic backing it personifies sophistication.

In the area of Business Intelligence too, this factor applies.

  1. Analytics backing BI should be rock solid and very comprehensive.
  2. Information delivery at the right time to all the right people in Real Time.
  3. A simple Graphical interface which can suit each user.

The data analysis is what forms the core of any BI application. It needs to make sure that the all the data is comprehensively analyzed in real time and available whenever called upon.

The tools for displaying the data are also equally important. Information needed by different people will be definitely different and it needs to be shown the same way.

The users should be able to view the data the way they want it and they shouldn’t need the help of anyone to get it that way.

Krawler Mashboard makes sure that you can see the information the way you want it. You can move around the components as per your need and have a personalized view each time.

Deskera Betterbusiness

Deskera is a market leader in smart cloud-based business management solution, trusted by 80,000 users worldwide. With its big data backbone, Deskera offers a much required industry tool that is desig

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