Building Custom Reports in Deskera CRM

cloud based CRM Aug 05, 2011

Business challenges differ with time, requirement and industry. While certain reports might be relevant to certain organizations, e.g. Geographic distribution of Sales might be important for a company which operates in multiple areas, an organization with centralized operation might not find it as relevant. Similarly, with changing business priorities, certain reports might be required at certain times.

We understand that with changing business priorities, the kind of data that decision makers look at is going to change. To address this, Deskera CRM contains Custom Report builder, allowing creation and generation of relevant reports on the fly.

Custom reports allow the real time creation of reports and allow the decision makers to get information from data. Deskera CRM has the capability to create and generate custom reports based on business needs.

Please view the presentation below which explains how custom reports can be easily created using Deskera CRM.
[iframe 425 355]Deskera CRM – Custom Report Builder
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