BPM - Mechanism to control cost

Operational Cost Oct 24, 2009

The basic motive of business revolves around generating profit, and it can be achieved either by charging premium price for your offering, or by reducing the operational cost. The latter sounds logical considering the current scenario of global economic slump. A Business Process Management suite enables business owners to control the operational cost by efficient handling of business processes.

jSonic BPM offers comprehensive capabilities to manage business processes through functionalities such as designing, modeling, automating, executing, and monitoring. Furthermore, it enables stakeholders to clearly understand the objective of a business process, adequate resources required for executing it, responsibilities of actors involved in the process and finally, to do away with its bottlenecks and associated costs.

Process owners can design, model, configure business rules, and simulate business processes through jSonic Process Management. They can identify inefficiencies associated with a process and achieve process optimization. Industry standard business practices can also be easily incorporated in the process framework.

Now, as a process becomes optimized, its operational cost reduces, for process optimization is indirectly proportional to its associated cost.

Other factors that contribute in reducing operational cost are efficient handling of resources involved in a process and proficient monitoring of process activity. Both can be achieved through jSonic Workflow Management.

To conclude, it can be said that jSonic BPM enables stakeholders not only to reduce the operational cost but also increase transparency at each stage of process activity, and better utilization of process resources. jSonic provides better business everyday.

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