Avoiding Data Duplication

cloud based CRM Jun 06, 2013

In October last year, we released a feature that allowed users to Manage Duplicate Entries with Deskera Open Source CRM. With this feature, you could see all future duplicate entries for imported and web items (such as leads) filtered based by your selection criteria.

Now, we have integrated this feature into the User Interface (UI) and manually entered items can also be filtered. We have also included pop up notifications to alert users when they create duplicate entries.

Unlike the traditional solutions where unique keys are defined at the data base level, Deskera’s flexible product architecture allows end users to define the unique combination of fields at the application level, providing an even more configurable system.

The following steps will show how we can manage duplicate entries with Deskera Open Source CRM in less than 5 steps.

Step 1: Go to Master Configuration

Step 2: Click on the Configure Record Duplication Policy button:

Step 3: Select the module where you want to configure:

Step 4: Select Headers to determine duplicate entries and Save:

Once the above steps are completed, you would receive a pop up alert should you create an entry that already exists based on the selection criteria (headers).

Please note that the selection criteria follow “AND” selection policy. So if you had selected “Email”, “Phone Number” and “Last Name” as the criteria, then you will only receive an alert if ALL the values in these headers are identical.

This is what the pop up alert will look like:

Users can then opt to override the original file, keep both files or discard the new file by clicking ‘Cancel’. Deskera Open Source CRM helps you manage duplicate entries and allows your salespeople to concentrate on what they do best!

To learn more about us, please visit Deskera Open Source. You may also join our Open Source Community.

Nidhi S

Product Manager at Deskera

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