Advanced Browsers for Advanced Deskera Applications: Phasing out IE 6 support

IE6 Sep 03, 2010

Now is the time to upgrade from the old and outdated web browser, Internet Explorer 6, to advanced, user-friendly browsers, to experience Deskera better. We have begun to phase out support for Internet Explorer 6 across all Deskera applications, mainly due to lack of web standards compliance and support for new facilities in JavaScript (for example, jQuery) and HTML 5.

IE6 doesn’t render CSS, JavaScript and HTML in accordance with the official W3C web standards. The major flaws in IE6 which made us take this move include risk to your security, lack of support for modern web standards and features like tabbed browsing.

For using Deskera Applications without any hassles and to continue receiving uninterrupted support, IE6 users need to upgrade their browsers to any of the below listed options:

To ensure that our customers receive the best experience with Deskera products, we are in the process of phasing out IE6 support which would ultimately mean improved speed, improved security and an overall fulfilling experience for our valued customers.

For any browser related queries, drop us a note at: and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Thank you for your continued support!

Deskera Team

Deskera Betterbusiness

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