8 obstacles to better business - Infographic

Business Compliance Dec 09, 2015

Break down data silos caused by legacy software applications and get your business ready for growth.

Data silos can seriously hurt your business performance and productivity. Business information spread all around an organisation in silos make it hard to easily get good business insights and often require extra manpower to integrate, resulting in low productivity a poor decision making. Many SME’s acquire IT systems as the business grows to address specific business problems, which includes small business accounting, payroll, CRM and human resource management software. This may be a good short term solution, but it often hurts the business in the long run. According to a survey by Cap Gemini, 79 per cent of companies have not yet fully integrated data sources across the organisation. This means that business owners and decision makers often do not have updated business insights to make the right decisions. More staff is required to update a growing number of excel reports. The infographic below shows 8 obstacles to better business and how you can overcome them.

What are data silos?

Data silos often arise naturally in growing companies because each organisational unit has different systems, priorities and responsibilities. These data silos can also occur when teams do not work together towards common business goals. Data silos are generally viewed as an obstacle to effective business operations and companies are increasingly trying to break down silos that are a barrier to improve productivity, collaboration and business insights. Reference: Information Silos.

8 obstacles to better business – Infographic

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Deskera is an award winning integrated business application.

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