5 Reasons why SMEs need to be on Linkedin

Deskera HRMS May 03, 2016

You’ve probably heard that your business needs to leverage the power of social media, but there are so many platforms, and it all takes time. As an SME, you want to know that social media is going to give you tangible value, and that’s just what LinkedIn does. However, you’ll find that many SMEs are missing out on this golden opportunity while big business capitalizes.

Having LinkedIn profiles for your business and its key employees doesn’t cost a cent and the benefits are not to be missed. Here’s why you need LinkedIn to sharpen up your competitive edge:

1. Build your brand

Whether it’s your company, the brands you have created or your own, personal brand, LinkedIn adds credibility and provides you with an opportunity to be seen as an authority in your field. Your clients, suppliers and business associates are on LinkedIn. Are you?

If you’re not there to interact with your supply chain and market, you miss the opportunity to make your mark. And if they search for you on LinkedIn without success, they may be pardoned for seeing your company as antiquated and out of touch with the mainstream.

LinkedIn also gives you an opportunity to showcase everything that’s great about your company. Do you support charities? Have you been innovative? What exciting projects are you currently working on? Build your company image, but don’t neglect your personal profile!

2. Grow your sales

LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator Tool, unlike your profile, will cost you something, but as marketing goes, the costs are low, and you get targeted marketing opportunities that will help you to reach your market with surgical precision. When it comes to B2B marketing, LinkedIn has surpassed Facebook, becoming the number one place for businesses to build new relationships with one another.

Even if you don’t make use of this option, you’ll find yourself networking with people within your industry, building a name for yourself and becoming a ‘go to’ expert in your field. Join groups, post and share articles and make your presence felt through your company and personal profiles.

3. Keep up with the latest trends

LinkedIn membership puts you in touch with all the movers and shakers among your clients and competitors. You’ll get a steady flow of news and ideas that will help you to stay ahead of the curve – or at least avoid being left behind. Identify opportunities, explore fresh concepts and keep an eye on your competition. Keeping your finger on the pulse has never been easier.

4. Be a trendsetter

If you’re not using LinkedIn to tell the world about your product launches, you’re already behind more than 80% of your peers. And LinkedIn isn’t just for B2B products and services. Remember, your audience consists of professionals from all walks of life. If you’re hoping to create a buzz among an affluent target audience, LinkedIn could be the platform to get your new ideas noticed.

5. Attract talent through social hiring

Browsing the ‘help wanted’ ads in print media and even online has become an outmoded way to find work. Professionals increasingly turn to LinkedIn when evaluating career opportunities, and the platform is used by 73% of recruiters. It not only allows prospective employees to see what posts are available, but also gives them insight into the companies that are offering the jobs.

They’re looking for a good fit, and so are you. If your business and your talent search offers attractive opportunities, top talent that may merely have been curious to begin with, may get in touch with your company to grow their careers. LinkedIn is a recruiting tool you shouldn’t miss out on.

Finding and retraining skilled employees is becoming increasingly difficult, with recruiters expecting the trend to gain even more momentum. Social hiring offers a potential solution. You may look at head-hunting one or more of your LinkedIn contacts, and if you’ve been active on the platform, you already know a lot about what to expect of them professionally.

You can also search candidates by targeting specific skill sets, age groups or locations, ensuring that applicants will fit the basic requirements before they even know there’s a post available. You’ll do that by looking at their LinkedIn profiles, and if they’re interested in working with you, you can be sure that they will look at yours and judge your company accordingly.

By inviting applications from targeted individuals, you don’t limit yourself to current job seekers. Instead, you can seek out the most talented and make them an offer they can’t refuse.

With a Linkedin profile, your recruitment efforts are likely to experience a significant boost in the number of applications received. Get your recruitment processes automated to give job candidates a good first time experience with your company. At Deskera, we are helping SMEs automate their HR and recruitment processes. Many of our clients have limited HR resources and they use the Deskera HR software to automate job posting and streamline the recruitment process.

Don’t let the grass grow under your feet

If you’re not on LinkedIn, the time has come to get started, and if you have profiles but aren’t using them, it’s time to work on your LinkedIn strategies. The benefits are massive, even when you only have a free profile, and for very little more you can leverage even more of the power inherent in professional social media.


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