5 Reasons Why HR Executives Will Love Going Paperless

Human Resource Challenges Dec 14, 2015

Contrary to popular belief, the pains of human resource (HR) may not always be rooted in complex mind-boggling issues. In fact, they tend to stem from an accumulation of mundane yet important tasks that surface on a day-to-day basis, leaving HR executives overloaded and stressed. Fortunately, we live in resourceful times. Thanks to advancements in software, solving these overbearing pangs is now reality. Sure, it is natural to be skeptical. You have at some point heard of others who’ve ended up with double the workload trying to migrate from an old trusted paper based system to a new paperless one. That’s true but technology has matured since then. Transiting isn’t as hard as it used to be. And the benefits that follow make it all the more worthwhile. We’d like to share five key benefits to offer HR executives every impetus to make that switch. If you’re one, we implore you to read on.

1) Effortless Updating of Employee Details

Picture this. You work HR at a relatively large organization of 1,000 employees. Every month, you have a handful of individuals who put in a request to update their personal details in the company’s database. It could be a change of address, phone number, or even new qualifications they have acquired. Whose job is it to update these? Its yours, over and on top of your usual workload! Feeling angst? What if we said you didn’t have to lift a finger? With employee details on a central HR management system, you can put the onus on them to do the updating via individually assigned logins.

2) Recruit, the Smart Way

Gone are the days where job applicants flood your emails with cover letters and resumes, leaving you to sieve through each one to perform the first round of filtering. A HR management system will allow you to mine your candidate pool by searching your applicant database based on predefined criteria. Don’t have the time to interview all of them? Assign a fellow colleague to do so seamlessly, all within the same system.

3) Make Appraisals an Unbiased Science

Every employee who puts in the time deserves a fair chance at promotion. Sounds logical yes? Not surely though, when human elements come into play. You don’t want your boss doing your appraisal just after a bad quarrel with his wife do you? Its amazing how human emotions can bring about temporary dementia to all the good an employee has achieved. Having a clearly defined performance appraisal system with the history to prove an employee’s track record provides the necessary checks and balances to counter such human irrationality.

4) Legitimizing Overtime Pay

For companies that have an overtime pay policy, the nightmare occurs at the end of each month during the tabulation process. As HR executives, we understand that there may be instances where you’re caught in the middle. You need to ensure that the overtime hours claimed are legitimate to safeguard the company’s interests while being fair to employees. Submitting and validating digital timesheets on a HR management system helps to clear the air of any possible contention.

5) Onboard New Employees Seamlessly

There’s no doubt that paperwork can be daunting when onboarding new employees. We’re talking salary, CPF, personal particulars, card access, user accounts, appraisal cycles and more. Soliciting key information digitally cuts down inefficiencies during the process and makes future retrieval so much easier. Moreover, configurations can be altered to suit different departments, with the ability to add and delete fields as and when needed, without having to reprint forms every time there’s a change.


We’ve given you new reasons to make the switch from paper to digital. Consider them carefully and draw context on how they could solve some of the prevalent HR issues you’re facing at your workplace. Learn more about what a full-fledged HR management system can do.


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