5 reasons why Cloud is gaining popularity among Indian enterprises and businesses

Sep 11, 2017

As the Internet’s accessibility grows in the nation, India is witnessing a major change in the IT sector. You may find that even your milkman owns a smartphone. The use of applications and devices has seen a dramatic hike in the past decade. Hence, IT companies are looking for distinctive models to run their businesses, in order to cope up with this fast pace of technological development. All businesses, big and small, want to use a model which is not only cost effective but also agile. Thus, cloud computing looks like an appealing option. A research conducted by TechSci states that cloud adoption will see tremendous growth in India by 2020.

What is it that businesses find attractive about cloud computing? The most tempting feature is that it can be outsourced and does not need a high initial investment on infrastructure. Statistics reveal that as many as 83.3% of companies in India find SaaS to be the most adopted. Such data reveals that cloud technology has successfully replaced the traditional IT model in the Indian business sector and therefore, more and more companies are moving towards it.

For Yogesh Shah, a 32 year old entrepreneur from Pune, moving to cloud was the best decision. He says “Initially we would have to deal with missing emails, corrupted files and crashed servers. But with cloud, my team of 150 employees can easily access all their data from anywhere, at any point of time. It has given my team immense efficiency and speed.”

Due to several critical reasons, an ever increasing number of Indian entrepreneurs are progressively moving to it. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons for cloud computing gaining traction in India.

Cloud allows you to save and access data at any point of time from anywhere across the globe

It helps improve revenues and bottom lines by speeding up business processes

With the Indian government encouraging digitalization of the economy, it has given a huge reason for entrepreneurs to adopt cloud technology. It is the latest trend that has hit all types of markets

It is economical: Being from a developing country, Indian entrepreneurs are always looking for economical options and reduce costs. It is one such option

Most businesses are usually worried about data security, but with cloud, there is no question of data security as most of it is encrypted.

“A decade ago we spotted the problem of cloud being unavailable to small and medium sized companies. That’s when we forecast that this is how the future was going to look like. We are proud and happy to be able to uplift the Indian economy by helping SMEs grow,” said Shashank Dixit, CEO and Founder of Deskera.

A study by Forrester anticipates the SaaS market to exceed $1.2 billion by the end of this decade, particularly in view of the fact that the Indian government is encouraging digitization and providing the economy with the best possible infrastructure.

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