Self-Service HR: 3 Benefits You Can Expect

Automate HR Nov 12, 2015

Curious why so many organizations have chosen to integrate self-service HR?

Quickly becoming one of the most popular and reliable automation tools, self-service HR is now an integral component to many organizations internal operations. While not intended to completely replace HR services but rather supplement and improve current processes, self-service HR represents a new era of human resource management. Providing lucrative advantages such as significant financial savings and enhanced security, self-service HR may soon be the future standard across all industries and sectors.

In fact, here are just 3 of the biggest advantages organizations can expect from the integration of self-service HR into their operations.

1. Superior Security

Security is an important issue, and one that nearly every organization will face at some point in time. After all, even if an organization is not directly dealing with sensitive outside information, there is still internal information that must be managed. From employee social security numbers to salaries to even related health histories, an organization’s HR department is responsible for a considerable amount of sensitive data. With noncompliance leading to fines, penalties or even mandated closures, organizations must remain vigilant in maintaining complete compliance.

Self-service HR is designed to relieve some of this burden. Offering superior security settings along with increased efficiency, self-service HR can be a great way to ensure that the integrity of an organization’s internal operations is always intact no matter the situation.

2. Instant Accessibility

Countless organizations are faced with the task of managing not only their organization’s information but their employee’s information as well. Ask anyone who has ever worked in human resources before and they will tell you first hand, it’s time-consuming. Retrieving data is not always the easiest process, not to mention the time it can take to update it. While it’s only logical to assume that questions will arise, it becomes troublesome when accessing this information to answer these questions becomes challenging.

Self-service HR has been able to help many organizations provide the instant accessibility that is desired. Enabling employees to quickly view entitlement balances, apply for medical leave, review benefits and more, self-service HR provides the accessibility that organizations and employees alike crave and need.

3. Reduced Overhead

When you ask most companies or organizations what one of their top priorities or goals are, it is often to reduce unnecessary overhead. After all, who wants to spend more time or resources than they have to? Countless organizations find themselves strapped for time and funds. It is not uncommon for many HR departments to be understaffed and overworked, leading to poor productivity and efficiency. Not to mention a high susceptibility to employee overturn as well.

However, with the successful integration of self-service HR many of these problems are eliminated or reduced completely. Assisting employers by providing improved productivity and reduction of time spent on manual operations; self-service HR frees valuable employee time, allowing them to focus on more meaningful and value enhancing work.

These are just a fraction of the benefits that a fully integrated self-service HR system can offer. Providing advantages to both employers and employees, self-service HR represents the current and future state of human resources. Designed to increase value and free employee time, the investment of self-service HR has proven to be a worthwhile venture for organizations.

Still have questions when it comes to self-service HR? Curious how it could impact your organization’s operations? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Feel free to check out more information regarding HR automation here, or  email us at today for immediate assistance.


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