2018: Top 4 tech resolutions to make it your best year

2018: Top 4 tech resolutions to make it your best year

Shikha Samant
Shikha Samant
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

What is it that differentiates a new year from the previous one other than the dates? It is definitely the new resolutions that one makes at the beginning of each year. According to a research about half of all adults make New Year’s resolutions. However, fewer than 10% manage to keep them for more than a few months.

As 2018 begins, many of us will be vowing to new resolutions with a hope to make this year the best of all the ones gone by. With technology becoming a part of our everyday lives, it can definitely help us increase the success rate of our resolutions. So below are top 4 tech resolutions that can make 2018 your best year ever:

Add more to your savings: It is a known fact that if we adopt process enablers and solutions our businesses become more efficient and effective. This leads to increase in productivity and growth. With this growth more savings are added to your bank balance. A cloud-based ERP system like Deskera ERP is an ideal solution for this. It has all the applications that are required by organizations to manage their day-to-day business activities, such as accounting, procurement, project management, manufacturing, inventory management and more. Thus, helping every small business streamline its processes to become more efficient and productive. Deskera’s mobile apps comprising of ERP, CRM , MRP, PM and HRMS not only give easily customizable ‘report views’ but transactional facilities as well. Salespeople can generate real-time quotations, accounts team can generate instant invoices and CEOs can review real-time balance sheets and P&L statements. Deskera software ensures SMEs go live within hours and avoid wasting time on lengthy implementation processes, thus giving SMEs more freedom to build a roadmap to run their businesses and expand their reach. Since Deskera’s integrated system is universally accessible and self-configurable, it encourages an intelligent flow of information among its users. Being completely on the cloud, Deskera with its subscription-based model is quite economical for SMEs.

Be better organized – There are many apps that can help in managing your tasks efficiently. Wunderlist, Basecamp and Asana help you manage your projects real time and are not restricted to one location. They help in online collaboration. Employees working on the the same project can see updates from their team members in real-time. Thus, avoiding documents with multiple versions. File sharing, discussions, task assignment and deadline calendars along with reminders are provided by these solutions. This allows employees to collaborate across departments even when using totally different devices. There are some time management apps like RescueTime meant for android and iOS phones. RescueTime is a time-tracking app that records how and where you spend your time online.

Spend more time with family: Technologies like Cloud computing can help us spend time with our family though your work schedule does not allow a vacation. With cloud computing an employee can easily login into his/her account and access the files the/she needs to work on.The data saved on the cloud can be accessed from any internet enabled device like a tablet, mobile phone or laptop and is not restricted to a specific location. Thus, allowing an employee have access to multiple information at one single place. Since cloud computing gives online access to your work anytime, you can complete your task as per your flexibility. Complete your task post a family dinner or after shopping gifts for your family.

Staying healthy and fit: With gadgets like smart watches, fitness bands and other activity trackers you can count your steps and then estimate the distance you’ve travelled and the calories you’ve burned. These fitness trackers are worn on the wrist like a wrist band or watch. They display the details of your physical activity and calories burned, along with time and that too real time. Since these fitness trackers help you monitor your everyday workout it continuously reminds you how honest have you been in releasing your sweat. Thus pushing you towards doing more of such activities and making you fitter. Some of these gadgets are Apple smart watches, Xiaomi Mi Band 2, Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro and so on.

Additionally, there are many apps like ‘Nike Running’ and ‘7 minute workout’ that can be downloaded on your smart phones. While ‘Nike Running’ informs you about your pace, routes and other details and prepares you for marathon, ‘7 minute workout’ helps you lose weight and strengthen your core with various exercises at the comfort of your home.

Some apps like ‘My Diet Coach Weight Loss’ and ‘Healthifyme’ help you maintain a healthy, balanced diet by keeping tab on your food habits.

So what are you waiting for? Time to make new resolutions for this year. Here’s wishing all our readers a very Happy New Year.

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