10 ways to accelerate your core purchase processes

Jan 18, 2018

Deskera cloud ERP is an integrated software suite that helps accelerate core purchase processes of your business–from quotations to invoicing, goods receipt, returns and payments – all within one seamless ERP system software.

  1. Covers the entire purchase cycle– From purchase requisition to managing vendor payment, Deskera ERP system takes care of your end-to-end purchase cycle.
  2. Optimum stock Management – With Deskera ERP you can track real time procurement of inventory.
  3. Process Independent – You can link Goods Received Note (GRN) with Purchase Invoice in either of the cases – a) When GRN is created prior to Purchase Invoice and b) When Purchase Invoice is created first and inventory comes later. Additionally, with Deskera ERP you can create documents as per your process flow. For instance, many organisations have Purchase Order (PO) mandatory in their process while some do not. Hence, it is your discretion whether you want to link your documents.
  4. Auto generation of GRN – With this auto generation feature Deskera ERP helps you save your time which can be utilized for other productive tasks.
  5. Compares vendor quotation against requisition – Procurement team can call multiple quotations against one internal requisition and can select the best by comparing them.
  6. Tree view of linked document – You can trace each document that is linked with the other. For instance, you can trace a particular PO is linked to which Purchase Requisition (PR) and GRN, and subsequently to which Purchase Invoice (PI).
  7. Email notification – Purchase flow has email notification at many levels so that you need not miss out any important information.
  8. Multi-Level approval – Deskera ERP helps you set multi-level approval rule and authorise documents on the basis of value, specific product or discount.
  9. Accepts Multiple flow of goods return – There are multiple scenarios possible in case of goods return like a) goods are received but invoice is pending and goods need to return, b) invoice received but goods pending and returns need to book, c) goods and invoice both received and now returns need to book. This ERP system is applicable in any of these scenarios.
  10. User defined Print format – You can design multiple format to print any document.

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Deskera is an emerging leader of integrated business management software products, being provided on cloud. It is among the first few companies who are GST ready to cater to India’s biggest tax reform and help companies move to GST. Deskera’s products are truly ‘’made in India‘ offering a complete suite of business applications on the cloud. It has a strong presence in the South-East Asian market and are the no. 1 choice of SMEs in the region.

The organization since its inception has been committed to provide world-class technology to SMEs so they can succeed by running more efficiently. It has been at the forefront of championing the cause of SMEs so that they have an edge in the global competitive market. Today, more than 3,000 businesses with approximately 80,000 users, manage their operations using Deskera products.

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