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Deskera Inventory

Cycle Count

Cycle Count

Efficiently configure, perform, and schedule cycle counts for inventory items.

Deskera Inventory - Cycle Count - Manage Inventory With Instant Access To Accurate Information

Manage Inventory with Instant Access to Accurate Information

Deskera Inventory Management Software enables you to manage physical inventory in real time and reduce the number of workers required for conducting cycle count. You can directly update the data with intuitive scanning technology which will help you to streamline inventory control processes to not only meet regulatory demands but also those of your customers.

Deskera Inventory - Cycle Count -Streamline Inventory Management

Streamline Inventory Management

Cycle counts are faster and require fewer workers with Deskera inventory solution. As a result, inventory is more accurate, expediting order fulfillment to your end customers as well as meeting regulatory demands.

Deskera Inventory - Cycle Count - Track & Reduce Wastage And Loss

Track and Reduce Waste and Loss

Issues with shrinkage and loss within your warehouse can be mitigated with Deskera’s powerful barcode scanning and rugged mobile computers tied back into the software.

Cycle Count Preview

Cycle Count enables you to configure stock count for all items of your organization. It allows you to track the movement of each item and sends notifications to management in case of any shortfall in the cycle count. System features, such as inventory planning, along with cycle counts, result in optimization of stock performance. This reduces labor expenses in inventory management and adjustment applications.

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