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Deskera Inventory

Comprehensive Stock Management,
Simplified Cycle Count Management,
Efficient Cash Management, Effective
End-to-End Inventory Management,
Intuitive Reporting, Analytics, and more.

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Deskera Inventory

The most proven and effective platform to manage, track and control your supply chain

Deskera Inventory provides 360º view of the inventory function allowing finance and operations to have a complete view of product information, stock levels, and operations so that products and stocks can be effectively managed. Deskera Inventory provides purchasing, receiving, stock management functionality, along with full recipe and product costing capabilities. It has a procurement module of its own, and can also interface with existing purchasing modules of a retail store.

Deskera Inventory - Items Master management

Items Master Management

Maintain a central repository of all inventory items across the chain of stores.

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Deskera Inventory - Complete visibility of your supply chain

Complete Visibility of Your Supply Chain

You will have better inventory tracking and control through automatically updated stock levels whenever sales and purchases are made.

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Stock Management

Optimize Your Inventory

Optimize inventory by anticipating demand and receiving order alerts in advance for inventory shortage and overstocks.

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Deskera Inventory - Lower Inventory Carrying Cost

Lower Inventory Carrying Cost

Lower inventory carrying cost by automating and streamlining all the inventory processes and reports.

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Deskera Inventory -  Real-Time Dashboards

Real-Time Dashboards

Maintain a central repository of all inventory items across the chain of stores.

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Deskera Inventory - Build Strong Vendor and supplier relationships

Build Strong Vendor and Supplier Relationships

Strengthen relationships with your vendors and suppliers by sending them real-time data and reports.

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Deskera Inventory - Manage Stores in multiple locations

Manage Stores in Multiple Locations

Automate and dynamically manage all stock operations such as inter-store stock transfer, stock issue, stock adjustment and auto shipment for complete information about stock status and movement.

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Deskera Inventory - Forecast Customer demands in Advance

Forecast Customer Demands in Advance

Effectively and accurately forecast customer demands in advance to boost and maintain high customer service and optimum inventory levels.

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Deskera Inventory - Track full movement history

Track Full Movement History

Get a full history of all inventory movements to track down any problems.

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Deskera Inventory - Manage end of day operations checklist

Manage End-of-Day Operations Checklist

Define end-of-day operations for your employees, and monitor all business day’s activities.

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