Deskera HRMS

Personnel Administration

Personnel Administration

Achieve effective personnel management and employee tracking through a comprehensive line of employee administration features.

Deskera HRMS - Personnel Administration - User Administration

User Administration

Deskera User Administration helps you to manage all the employee details in the system, terminate the employee’s, upload documents and view detailed personal history.

Deskera HRMS - Personnel Administration - Master Configuration

Master Configuration

Master Configuration facilitates configuration of all master settings, addition of new fields/subfields and integration with other Deskera Modules.

Deskera HRMS - Personnel Administration - Set Appraisal Cycle

Set Appraisal Cycle

Pre-define different appraisal cycles for your organization by defining the appraisal period as per your organisation preferences.

Deskera HRMS - Personnel Administration - Audit Trail

Audit Trail

Keep a track of all user activities in the system by monitoring their place of occurrence with the help of IP address and date on which the activity is performed on.

Personnel Administration Preview

Lead the way with rich, employee personalized profiles as an key to achieving efficiency and effectiveness. Utilize the available human resources in a way so as to get the work done effectively and achieve the organizational goals. Deskera Personnel Administration provides an integrated and centralized employee database to manage all the employees while keeping a track of all activities occurring in the organization.

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