Deskera eClaims

Employee Self Service

Employee Self Service

Enable employees to submit e-claims, track their approval status and more.

Deskera eClaims - Employee Self Service - 24/7 Convenient Access

24/7 Convenient Access

Deskera eClaims can be accessed anytime using any browser from anywhere. Maximize your company’s productivity by allowing your employees to log-on to the eClaims system from anywhere to submit claims online.

Deskera eClaims - Employee Self Service - Eliminate unnecessary data entry

Eliminate unnecessary data entry

Eliminate data entry by importing data from excel sheet. Employee can apply for a new claim by specifying trip details and claimed amount. This new claim application is automatically routed to that employee’s approving manager for approval or rejection.

Deskera eClaims - Employee Self Service - Reduce tedious manual updates

Reduce tedious manual updates

Staff will be notified about their claim approval status through automatic email. Reminder will be shown to manager on dashboard for unapproved leave applications.It helps staff and employees to keep up-to-date claims information.

Deskera eClaims - Employee Self Service - Manage claims documents

Manage claims documents

Your employees can attach receipts and other documents to each claim application. Those Claims will be link directly to Payroll System. This allows managers to keep track of all documents online, eliminating the need for any hard copy submissions.

Employee Self Service Preview

The Employee Self Service enables employees to apply online claim requests to their concerned managers and track their approval progress. When employees apply for claim requests it is automatically routed to their respective manager(s). The automatic routing of the claim application saves a great deal of processing time. The employees can either apply for trip application, claim application or request advance money for their trips to their respective managers. Managers can either accept or reject the claim application after viewing complete details of claim requests.

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