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Lead Management

Lead Management

Convert leads to loyal customers is what it takes to stay in business and grow. We will help you achieve this.

Deskera CRM - lead Management - Comprehensive Lead Details

Comprehensive Lead Details

Record and track complete lead details like status, source, type, lead creation date, lead creation time, rating and more. View details related to the lead.

Deskera CRM - lead Management - Convert Leads

Convert Leads

Leverage powerful tools to search and convert existing leads into opportunities enabling you to filtrate lead, so as to comprehend and amend sales plan accordingly.

Deskera CRM - lead Management - Add an Activity

Add an Activity

Define lead activities, tasks, events and more – for accurately carrying out sales process related to a lead. Get regular updates of the upcoming activities on your dashboard.

Deskera CRM - lead Management - Add Documents

Add Documents

Add/Update documents for each lead and maintain them in a central repository to help you organize without any complications involved during passing documents within team.

Deskera CRM - lead Management - Export Leads

Export Leads

You can download Lead List in multiple file formats like .pdf, .csv and more. Export lead list to XLS helps you ensure that the right sales reps follow up on leads while they’re hot

Deskera CRM - lead Management - Import Leads

Import Leads

Import all your leads from a CSV or XLS file from various sources are now available under lead list. With the help of this feature you can find all your leads at single click.

Deskera CRM - lead Management -Effective Lead Classification

Effective Lead Classification

Create standard or customized Lead Classification. This feature also helps you plan your sales approach depending upon the type, source and industry of lead.

By managing your leads in a systematic and structured way, you can increase both the number of leads you generate and how many of those leads you convert. See every touch point with lead timeline in a chronological list which includes emails, website visits, social mentions, webinars and more between a contact and your company. Summary of important interactions in the form of a custom lead score that helps your sales team prioritize who they follow up with and when, and sync it to your CRM system

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